Monday, February 25, 2019

First the Complaining, Then the Joy

Sam is really good at complaining.  I say he is my human Eyore.  I know that this trip is meant for us because first he complains about everything--distance, temperature, clothing, parents, snacks, and anything else he can think of!  And after all of that is over there is joy!  Sometimes it's subtle.  You have to know how to read him.  There is a contentment in his spirit and a bounce in his step.  It's lovely to witness.

Honestly this scares me a bit.  I'm a start with the joy kind of person.  Part of my Camino preparation is preparing for many days of complaining and learning to really celebrate the joy!

P.S.  I wrote this several weeks ago, and I have been really surprised by how much more acceptance I am witnessing as we prepare more.  There is an inner fortitude in this small boy that is starting to glow.  Sometimes I am warmed by it when I need it most!

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