Thursday, August 16, 2018

A Summer Collecting Beach Glass

A highlight of my summer has been combing the small beach--our magic beach--for beach glass. 

Over the course of a whole summer I have collected half a sandwich bag of small glass bits and a variety of life lessons.

Here are some of the lessons and reminders:

It's a task that requires one to be fully present.  If we are distracted we miss the little treasures.

Some days bear no fruit.  Just keep showing up.

Some treasures are unexpected--like lucky stones, fossils, beautiful stones, and small geodes.  Enjoy the unexpected treasures.

Dark days make it harder to spot treasures.  This makes them more precious.

Some days we expect more than we receive.  Whatever we receive is a gift--even the empty hand.

We get to choose where we assign value.  We do not need to follow the norms of value, beauty and treasure.

What lessons are you learning from simple tasks and rituals?

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